/Long Arms (Category D)
  • Conversion chasse Calibre 8 x 58R Krag Canon parfait avec de belles rayures : 73.5cm Bois avant raccourci Fonctionnement parfait Beaucoup de finition jaspage/bleue Tres bon état general Toutes pieces aux memes numéros
  • Calibre : 303 British Longueur de canon : 76cm Longueur de crosse : 34cm Numero de serie: 8686 Carabine Long Lee Enfield daté 1899 En très bon état général, très beau bois et metal parfait sans piqûres.  Toutes pièces présent et complet.  Le canon a des rayures profondes et miroir.  Le fonctionnement de l'arme est parfait. Marquages V R sous couronne’, ‘ENFIELD 1899’ et ‘LE1* Un très bel exemplaire de ce type de carabine
  • En bon état général avec des taches d'usure. Le fonctionnement est bon et fluide. Le canon a des rayures présent tout le long du canon, avec des micro-piqueurs. Le bois est en très bon état avec très peu de marque d'utilisation. Manque le bar de selle et vis de grenadiere (au bout du canon). Marquage 'FOR BLACK POWDER' sur le canon. Belle arme d'époque.
  • Formerly one of a pair and with 35.75cm tapering sighted two stage barrel, hexagonal to round with concentric rings at the joint, gold lined makers marks at the breach and the tang marked with a figure two, flat lock plate converted from flint and engraved with mouted huntsmen and a stage and with the makers signature, heavily figured walnut half stock carved with rococo scrolls and a stylised stags head behind the barrel tang, fine quality brass mounts with traces of guilt finish throughout, pierced foliate barrel band decorated with a figure of Diana, the trigger guard with cupid carrying a spear and a falcon, the butt plate decorated with a seated figure of Diana and horn tipped ramrod with worm possibly the original. Good condition overal with excellent action, pretty clean bore. Very good wood-work and the guidling thining to brass parts.
  • Octagonal swamped sighted brass barrels fitted with engraved steel back-sights of two folding leaves one retaining some original blue colour engraved with a band of beadwork at the breeches steel tangs engraved 1 and 2 respectively signed stepped bevelled locks, double set triggers figured walnut full stocks carved with rococo scrolls about the barrel tangs and behind the rear ramrod-pipes the butts with carved cheek-pieces decorated en suite on the left and with patchbox with sliding fluted cover on the right brass mounts comprising solid side-plates with bevelled borders vacant escutcheons of shaped outline butt-plates with pronounced heels trigger-guard with faceted bows and a pair of moulded ramrod-pipes horn fore-end caps (one with small chips the other cracked) and original horn-tipped wooden ramrods 64cm; 25 1/4in (2) This maker appears to be unrecorded. In very good overall condition with a nice age patina. One top jaw and screw replaced, both actions functioning well although set triggers not currently functioning. One small area of barrel damage to the rear of one of the back sights. A very desirable pair of carbines.
  • With 82.5cm round tapering barrel with combined sight/ramrod pipe and sling swivel on a mid-mounted collar, flat stepped and bevelled lock in the English taste with roller frizzen and signed in script by the maker 'J Hermann a Coloyne', walnut half stock with devisable rear butt stock with raised cheek piece and inlaid with mother of pearl plaques and silver scrolls and an oval bearing the owners monogram, the stock carved as one with the trigger guard and a single barrel band retained by a spring. Possibly originally a small sporting gun and then altered to a take down piece, very unusual and a high quality gun, the mechanism functions perfectly and is very tight with good spring pressure, the woodwork has some light marks but no losses and the gun dis-assembles quickly and easily - barrel condition good. One of the side plate washers has been lost and the side mail has been replaced by a shorter one - ideally both require replacing. 14.5mm bore at muzzle. 118cm overall. The stock locks in place with a quater turn.
  • With 75cm barrel encased in bamboo, embossed silver coller at the breach, sliding breach block retained by an elevating pin, drop down trigger activated by cocking the hammer with the hooked barrel bung and tapering grip in horn with small almost invisible repair. In good condition with strong action and bore in almost perfect condition. 88.5cm overall.