After 1 August 2018 new regulations come into force in France.

If you require any help or advice regarding the transfer of Category C and D1 weapons, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Following the decree of 29 June 2018 there are some changes important to the collector and shooter. With effect from 1 August 2018.

1. There can be no transfer between private individuals – all licensable weapons must be transferred by a French registered RFD (Armurier).

2. Background checks are obligatory and must be undertaken by the French armurier before transfer through FINIADA.

3. All shotguns are now classified as Category C, (not D1).

4. All deactivated weapons are now classified as Category C, (no longer D2 without licence).

To read a further article from the UFA and the Syndicat d’Armuriers you can access their website at: (French language only):

To access the published information note concerning the new decree, please click on the link below of the Syndicat Armuriers (French language only):