with 25.5cm sighted, round tapering barrels with top sighting flat engraved in script ‘Bennett Royal Exchange, London’, engraved lines at the breach and foliate engraved tangs, stepped and bevelled bolted locks engraved at the tails and with the makers name in an engraved oval underneath the semi-rainproof pans, roller frizzens, foliate engraved cocks, star burst’s on the top jaws, figured walnut full-stocks in the Wogdon fashion, chequered grips and rounded  pommels, iron mounts engraved mounts comprising broad trigger guards with finials, two barrel bolts with escutcheons, ramrod pipes and together with their horn tipped ramrods both with worms possibly both original.  Fine condition throughout with excellent bores and tight mechanisms in a period lined and re-fitted case with a range of mainly original accessories and key. 40cm overall.  Circa 1790. London proofs and barrel makers mark IB.